Peter Pan

Last week  I saw an offer for pantomime tickets for £5 each so I booked for me and the kids to go today…Richard didn’t want to come!!  I’d told a few friends about the offer and so there were 2 other families we knew at the same show as us, so we travelled into town with one of them.  The kids had a great time on the train and we made it to the theatre in plenty of time.  Our seats weren’t the best but we could see and they all loved the show!!  We saw Peter Pan with “The Hoff”.  I was expecting him to be completely mad like he had come across in Britain’s Got Talent, but actually he was really good as were the rest of the cast.

During the break we ventured upstairs to the gallery to see if we could spot our friends.  I was stunned at how high it went and how steep too!!  I should have taken a photo but I was distracted by the fact Austin was intrigued by the view back down to the stalls through the very open railings that he would have easily fitted through!!!!!!!!!!!  Afterwards I discovered a friend from primary school had spotted us and found it very funny how quickly we left after Austin had looked like he was making a bid for freedom over the edge!  They had also noticed the big gaps and avoided them!!

After the show we’d agreed that we would each make our own way back to the train and if we met up great but if not it was pointless missing a train to wait.  We somehow managed to squeeze on the tram with what felt like a million football fans, who were actually very very friendly and everyone was telling people to move over to give the kids room.  They had won which Noah was very pleased about and had a big conversation with a few of them all about the match!


We had a great day….and a complete bargain!!


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