Off he goes….

While we were down south I noticed how good Austin was on his balance bike, I’d been thinking about trying him on a proper bike for a while so decided to take him to the park.  Richard wasn’t convinced he’d be able to do it and so brought the stabilisers, I was convinced he’d just ride off!  He wasn’t keen on the idea of a proper bike so it wasn’t looking promising but after a bit of blackmail he gave it a go.  Richard ran along holding the back of his seat for about 5 mins, while Noah did some jumps off his new ramp…


I then took over with Austin and just gave him a shove….let go…..and….off he rode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew he could do it but even I was surprised he got it within 5 minutes!!!  There is a lot to be said for balance bikes…they are fantastic!!  Before long he was trying to go over the ramp!!  Fortunately he didn’t manage it because I’m sure that would have ended in disaster!!!!


Within the space of 45 minutes he had even learnt to set off on his own…and off he went cycling around the park with Noah….



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