A visit to Nan’s

On New Years eve we drove down to visit Nan.  As soon as we got there they all spotted presents under the tree and were itching to open them!  They got loads of great things including a road and train set which goes with some other sets we have….


We spent the evening in having some New Year drinks and watching the fireworks.  The weather on New Years day was gorgeous so we went down to the quayside for a walk.  Austin had brought his bike so he went on that…


Caitlin and Noah had brought their roller blades with them.  They’d not manged to go outside in them since they got them for Christmas so they were both a bit shaky to begin with.  Noah got the hang of it before we made it to the quay but Caitlin took a bit longer, but in the end they both got it….


The next day the weather was still nice and sunny so we walked down to the local soft play…


On our last full day our niece and nephew came to visit us and the kids all had a great time playing together.


We had some indoor fireworks which started off quite tamely and so they weren’t really impressed….


Then we got to the slightly bigger ones which they all loved…


In the evening we went out for a lovely meal where the kids got to wear their Christmas outfits again!!!


Then the next day it was time for the journey home which seemed to require a million toilet stops!!!  On both of our journeys I was busy making a blanket which is starting to look like it is on the home straight….I might even finish it and be able to share it with you before the summer!!!!!!!!

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