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Advent 14 and 15…

Today and yesterday were photos of the school plays…..  With “alien 3” being on day 14…


….and “king Noah” being day 15…



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Advent 12 & 13….

…day 12 is the turn of Austin Elf!!  I have no idea how I got this photo…it’s ace!  I was just about to give up when he did this and I caught him!!!


Day 13 is a picture drawn by Noah…..



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Nativity 2!

Today was Austin’s nativity and he was a snowman.  As usual his school nativity was fantastic!!  Being a special needs school & mixed nursery the play always has some stage invaders and non-performers.  This year seemed to have less than usual, or maybe we are just getting used to it and so don’t even notice it any more!


Austin did have a little wobble when the little girl next to him wouldn’t hold hands, he gets all funny if someone doesn’t do what they are supposed to…even though he quite often doesn’t do what HE is supposed to!!!!!!!!!  Luckily a teacher rescued him and he held her hand!!  The snowmen all had to line up and melt in the sun….


The play was an awards ceremony to find the star of Christmas…obviously it wasn’t the snow or snowmen…it was the star that led the Kings to Jesus!!  It was a great story and the best bit was when they posted the cards (5 kids…some more willing than others) through a giant postbox!!!!  After the play we got to go to their classroom to say well done!



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Advent 10 & 11

Day 10 was a book by Caitlin. It was her idea to write a book for the calendars and she wrote about Rudolf…..


Quite a funny story ending with a page about nutey (naughty) children!!!!!!!!

Day 11….was some Christmas stamping by Austin.  Austin loves stamps……



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Nativity number 1

Today was Caitlin and Noah’s nativity, which involved all of the infants but with year 2 having the main parts.  Caitlin was an alien….alien number 3…and she had quite a few lines to say.


I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to do it…not in front of everyone!  She had trouble saying her lines in front of us in the kitchen…but she said all of her lines and pretty loud too!!!

Noah was, very aptly, a king… of many kings!!  I could barely see him during the play and just got a photo of him as he filed out…


Caitlin’s friend was Mary and had a solo to sing.  She was fantastic and sang the whole thing really well!

About half way through the play there was a power cut affecting our whole village which was very funny but credit to the kids they just carried on in the semi-darkness and with no music for the songs!!!  Lets hope tomorrows performance goes without any hitches!!

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On the 10th day of advent…….

I’ve been meaning to post about our advent calendars!!  Every year we make an advent calendar for the grandparents, we pinched the idea from a friend and it’s now a bit of a tradition.  We send 24 envelopes to Nan and Nanny one for each day of advent to open!  I had intended to do a post each day letting you know what was inside but I am a bit behind!!!  So a bit of a catch up…..

For day 1 Noah wrote a little book!  I had intended it to have a Christmas theme but Noah had other ideas and wrote a book about planes!!  Including a page about Concorde!!


For day 2 we had Caitlin’s Christmas list!  I always include their Christmas lists so that in years to come we can look back nad laugh at their requests!  Although Caitlin’s list this year is just for bog standard girly toys!


Day 3 was a glittery picture, although these did not turn out how I imagined, but once they were done they wanted to include them!  Today’s glittery blob  was Caitlin’s…(a snowman & a candy cane)


Day 4 was Noah’s list…which is quite funny as 4th on his list is chocolate buttons!!  WITH toffee in!!!!!!!!  Since he did this they have actually progressed to position 2!!!  With some new studs in first place!!


Day 5 was Noah’s glittery disasters….to be honest I can’t even remember what the right one is!!


Day 6 was Austin’s list which I translated on the back!!  Well I say translated…it still consists of just a car with a clock on the roof!!


Day 7 Austin insisted on joining in on the book idea!!  I’m not sure it will make for very good reading but he was very enthusiastic!!!!


For Day 8 we went for a photo for a bit of a change….of the kids with the coke truck!


Day 9 was a photo of Caitlin dressed as the Christmas holly fairy!  She has had this dressing up outfit for 6 years and every year I say she’ll never get into it next year…but she does!  Maybe this year is the last??  We shall see!!!


I don’t want to spoil any surprises…so the rest of the days are to follow!!!

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Stained glass

Today I went on a stained glass workshop here and it was amazing!!!  I had a fantastic time learning how to cut glass and solder it.  I did discover that I can cut a much better (not perfect…but much better) curve than straight line!  I went with a friend and her friend and we made a little Christmas decoration and I picked an angel.  I was very very pleased with how well my angel turned out….


The two people I went with made stars, which were apparently easier than an angel but matching up all of those cuts in the middle looked really hard to me!


I have hung my decoration in our living room window but in amongst our diamond leading it gets a bit lost!  They have courses all the time, I can’t wait for the next one!!!!

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Christmas tree

Finally we have found a moment to decorate our Christmas tree!  The tree itself has been up for a few days but we haven’t had a day where they’ve all been around to decorate it!  Now that I know how long tree decorating takes when you are 3, 5 and 7 we could have done it earlier!!!


They opened virtually every type ornament we had and put them all on at their height!!  With lots and lots on each branch!!


Richard added a few to the top…spoil sport…I was all for leaving it completely lobsided…and Ta Da……


One tree with 90% of its ornaments in one place!!!!  Complete with some presents underneath.

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The Coke Truck!!

Today we went to see the Coke truck!  We met some friends there and before they arrived we made some Christmas decorations at a little stand.


Then we had some lunch before going out to the truck!  We didn’t have to queue for too long before we got to have out photo taken…


You could also go around to the back of the truck and take some photo’s.  The highlight though was the ice truck!  They were giving out free cans of Coke and Noah kept pinching ice out of the little truck the cans were in!  Around the back of the truck was an empty cart with ice in and Noah had a great time getting ice out!!!


…and so Caitlin copied!!!


The weather held out and we had a great time.

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Christmas fair and Christmas lights switch on.

Today I was the photographer at the school Christmas grotto!  I got volunteered because I have a fancy camera!!  I actually have no idea what I am doing with my fancy camera!  Because it is such a good camera I do get loads of great photo’s but mainly down to having such good kit rather than any talent!!  I was really nervous because I knew I would only have one or two shots at each child!!!

The grotto was also really busy with kids coming in a steady stream for the full 2 and a half hours.  Historically Father Christmas’s photographer doesn’t dress up but if I did it again I’d dress up!!  I felt a bit daft in my own clothes.  I heard some bizarre requests and conversations, the strangest being one child who came in with a sheet of maths for Father Christmas to complete…including things like 37 multiplied by 56…..  This child asked Father Christmas the sums and Father Christmas just said they were far too complicated for him…but the boy then gave him the sheet for him to complete and bring back with his presents!!!!!!!!!!!  Mad!!!!!!!!!!

I also had another child come in and when Father Christmas said if you look over there she’ll take your picture L replied “she has got a name!”  Father Christmas then asked is he knew me and he said “yes she’s my Mum’s friend, Byrney”…..I was trying so hard not to die laughing!!  But he was right…Father Christmas did just keep saying “she!”

When Caitlin, Noah and Austin came in Noah as usual launched into his million questions!!  “are you real”…I think that’s his favourite one for Father Christmas!  “where are your reindeer”, “how did you get here”….etc!!!


All of the photo’s I took turned out ok.  There were some that really could have been better, but I didn’t delete the whole lot or accidentally nudge my setting button and take them all on the wrong mode or anything else disastrous!  I did have quite a few issues with kids refusing to go near Father Christmas and so looking terrified or hysterical in their photos but all in all it worked ok!

Straight after the fair we went to watch our local lights switch on.  Caitlin got to meet Hello Kitty!!!


There were a few acts on before the main switch on and there was a woman in the crowd dancing away having the time of her life.  All of a sudden she got up on stage with one of the singers!!


It was very funny!

The person switching on the lights was Jade Ellis from this years X-Factor!!  Quite a big name for our local lights!!  And since there is only ever about 100 people there we were really close to her…it was great!!


Austin waved at her and she waved back…or so we thought, so I waved at her and she waved at us again!!  She was definitely waving just at us!!!

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