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Grandad’s birthday

Grandad’s birthday is very close to Christmas so we don’t always get over to see him.  This weekend they were looking after the kids so when they brought them back we had cake and presents for him.


We got him a breadmaker and lots of ingredients to go in it.  Just as he opened it someone burst the flour so no more photos..I was busy getting a bag to put it in before it went all over the floor!

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Days 16 and 17….

Day 16 was another Christmassy picture drawn by Caitlin…very similar to Noah’s because he was sat next to her and just drew what she did!!!!!


Day 17 was another photo!  Photo’s always used to be the easy option for the calendar as I just took the photo (although getting them to co-operate is always a bit of a nightmare requiring chocolate bribes!!) but they have shut down our local developing lab so I now have to save up my printing before driving over there!!  Today was my 3 kings!!!



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The Christmas Tag

I was tagged by Suburban Mum to do this Christmas questionnaire!  I love Christmas so here it goes!

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

It has to be the chaos on Christmas day!  My family does Christmas the chaotic way….about 20 of us pile into my Mum’s house and squeeze around a table for Christmas dinner, then afterwards we all swap presents, but not in a civilised a completely manic way…but I love it!  I don’t think anyone has a clue who bought them what but there is paper and presents everywhere…and a lot of noise!  I also love Christmas shopping…..I get mine done really early but I always go to the shops in that week before to experience the madness because it makes me feel all Christmassy!!  I try to make some presents and always under-estimate the time that takes and so end up with a bit of a mad last-minute rush!!!

What is your favourite make-up look for the festive season?

I don’t wear make up so none!  I might paint Caitlin’s nails for her and curl her hair but no make up for me!

Real or fake tree?

We vary.  Growing up we always had a fake tree but when me and Richard first bought our house we got a real one.  We had real ones (that usually involved a lot of pruning around the back to get it to fit in its designated space) for a few years, we then bought a fake black one, then when that died we went back to real.  Then one year I noticed how expensive a real one was and the scrooge in me decided we’d go back to a fake one, it’s less hard work as well!!

Giving presents or receiving them?

Both!!  Now that I have kids I LOVE them having a massive pile of presents to open, but I also don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount on them, so they quite often get things they need like new clothes, bubble bath, new shoes to make the pile bigger.

Handmade Christmas cards or bought?

I usually make my cards for immediate family and close friends….in the past this has included little wooden snowmen, paper wreathes, a photo of the 3 kings, felt ice-skates….

PaperClip Ice Skates

(I have no idea if that photo is where I got my idea from – which I forget where – or my actual work!  So apologies if that is your photo)

But this year I am totally out of inspiration so I’m not sure what I’ll do!  The kids have made their cards, but I’m stuck!  Hopefully something will come to me……

What’s your favourite Christmas film?

I’m not really a big film person so don’t have a favourite Christmas film, I’d rather go to the Christmas markets, besides I never have time to watch the tele at Christmas I am always too busy making my cards or last minute presents!

What’s your favourite Christmas food?

Oooo hard!  I love a good roast dinner, with devils on horseback and super thick gravy!  But I also love all the Christmas chocolates!!  Oh and the puddings…but not Christmas pudding..yuk!  I did discover last year or the year before that I do like mince pies!  I have no idea why but I had always thought they were made of actual mince…as in minced beef!!!!  So had always refused to have one thinking that a pie covered in sugar but filled with COLD mince was not something I wanted to try!  I don’t know how I discovered they were made of fruit…but they are way nicer than I imaginined…not surprisingly!!!!!!!!!!!


I am going to tag

Laura and Gemma

That bit was actually quite hard! Most of my readers don’t have a blog (or comment).  Not sure if Laura still reads my blog but if you do I’ve tagged you 🙂


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Advent 14 and 15…

Today and yesterday were photos of the school plays…..  With “alien 3” being on day 14…


….and “king Noah” being day 15…



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Advent 12 & 13….

…day 12 is the turn of Austin Elf!!  I have no idea how I got this photo…it’s ace!  I was just about to give up when he did this and I caught him!!!


Day 13 is a picture drawn by Noah…..



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Nativity 2!

Today was Austin’s nativity and he was a snowman.  As usual his school nativity was fantastic!!  Being a special needs school & mixed nursery the play always has some stage invaders and non-performers.  This year seemed to have less than usual, or maybe we are just getting used to it and so don’t even notice it any more!


Austin did have a little wobble when the little girl next to him wouldn’t hold hands, he gets all funny if someone doesn’t do what they are supposed to…even though he quite often doesn’t do what HE is supposed to!!!!!!!!!  Luckily a teacher rescued him and he held her hand!!  The snowmen all had to line up and melt in the sun….


The play was an awards ceremony to find the star of Christmas…obviously it wasn’t the snow or snowmen…it was the star that led the Kings to Jesus!!  It was a great story and the best bit was when they posted the cards (5 kids…some more willing than others) through a giant postbox!!!!  After the play we got to go to their classroom to say well done!



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Advent 10 & 11

Day 10 was a book by Caitlin. It was her idea to write a book for the calendars and she wrote about Rudolf…..


Quite a funny story ending with a page about nutey (naughty) children!!!!!!!!

Day 11….was some Christmas stamping by Austin.  Austin loves stamps……



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