Tour of Anfield

One of Noah’s Christmas presents was a tour of Liverpool’s ground.  He went with Grandad who also got a tour for one of his presents!!  Noah had a fantastic time…


He took his bear, Adam, with him….who is also a Liverpool fan.  They got to see the trophy cabinet, the players dressing room and had their photo taken with a replica Champions League trophy…


While they were on the tour I took Caitlin and Austin to town with my Mum to check out the sales.  They all had some Christmas money to spend so we went to a few shops where they picked something each.  When Noah met us we went for dinner and then he spent his money getting his name and the number 8 put on the back of his Liverpool kit!!


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2 responses to “Tour of Anfield

  1. Booooooooo 🙂
    I’ve never done a stadium tour, obviously I’d prefer to do one at Chelsea but I might be tempted to do the City one with the husband and boy some time. Glad he enjoyed himself anyway!

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