Nativity 2!

Today was Austin’s nativity and he was a snowman.  As usual his school nativity was fantastic!!  Being a special needs school & mixed nursery the play always has some stage invaders and non-performers.  This year seemed to have less than usual, or maybe we are just getting used to it and so don’t even notice it any more!


Austin did have a little wobble when the little girl next to him wouldn’t hold hands, he gets all funny if someone doesn’t do what they are supposed to…even though he quite often doesn’t do what HE is supposed to!!!!!!!!!  Luckily a teacher rescued him and he held her hand!!  The snowmen all had to line up and melt in the sun….


The play was an awards ceremony to find the star of Christmas…obviously it wasn’t the snow or snowmen…it was the star that led the Kings to Jesus!!  It was a great story and the best bit was when they posted the cards (5 kids…some more willing than others) through a giant postbox!!!!  After the play we got to go to their classroom to say well done!




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