On the 10th day of advent…….

I’ve been meaning to post about our advent calendars!!  Every year we make an advent calendar for the grandparents, we pinched the idea from a friend and it’s now a bit of a tradition.  We send 24 envelopes to Nan and Nanny one for each day of advent to open!  I had intended to do a post each day letting you know what was inside but I am a bit behind!!!  So a bit of a catch up…..

For day 1 Noah wrote a little book!  I had intended it to have a Christmas theme but Noah had other ideas and wrote a book about planes!!  Including a page about Concorde!!


For day 2 we had Caitlin’s Christmas list!  I always include their Christmas lists so that in years to come we can look back nad laugh at their requests!  Although Caitlin’s list this year is just for bog standard girly toys!


Day 3 was a glittery picture, although these did not turn out how I imagined, but once they were done they wanted to include them!  Today’s glittery blob  was Caitlin’s…(a snowman & a candy cane)


Day 4 was Noah’s list…which is quite funny as 4th on his list is chocolate buttons!!  WITH toffee in!!!!!!!!  Since he did this they have actually progressed to position 2!!!  With some new studs in first place!!


Day 5 was Noah’s glittery disasters….to be honest I can’t even remember what the right one is!!


Day 6 was Austin’s list which I translated on the back!!  Well I say translated…it still consists of just a car with a clock on the roof!!


Day 7 Austin insisted on joining in on the book idea!!  I’m not sure it will make for very good reading but he was very enthusiastic!!!!


For Day 8 we went for a photo for a bit of a change….of the kids with the coke truck!


Day 9 was a photo of Caitlin dressed as the Christmas holly fairy!  She has had this dressing up outfit for 6 years and every year I say she’ll never get into it next year…but she does!  Maybe this year is the last??  We shall see!!!


I don’t want to spoil any surprises…so the rest of the days are to follow!!!


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