Nativity number 1

Today was Caitlin and Noah’s nativity, which involved all of the infants but with year 2 having the main parts.  Caitlin was an alien….alien number 3…and she had quite a few lines to say.


I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to do it…not in front of everyone!  She had trouble saying her lines in front of us in the kitchen…but she said all of her lines and pretty loud too!!!

Noah was, very aptly, a king… of many kings!!  I could barely see him during the play and just got a photo of him as he filed out…


Caitlin’s friend was Mary and had a solo to sing.  She was fantastic and sang the whole thing really well!

About half way through the play there was a power cut affecting our whole village which was very funny but credit to the kids they just carried on in the semi-darkness and with no music for the songs!!!  Lets hope tomorrows performance goes without any hitches!!


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