Christmas Markets

Today I took the kids to the Christmas Markets.  They had some money that they had earned for keeping their rooms tidy so we went to spend that first.  Caitlin had loads of money because she is really good at saving it up, so she bought a little bear with an outfit.  Noah and Austin hardly had anything so they bought something in the pound shop!!  As we were walking through towards the markets we met some people dressed as Angry Birds!  Austin has decided he quite likes the Angry Birds so we stopped for a photo!


we walked through the markets and while Austin slept Caitlin and Noah tried a few new foods, like pretzels….


…which they both loved!  They spotted a moose head….


…and were completely fascinated with deciding if it were real or fake!!!!  I then decided to get myself some mulled wine which they both had a try of…..  Just like last year, Noah liked it…..


…and Caitlin didn’t!!!


And then exactly like last year they decided they needed the loo!!!!!!!!!  You’re not allowed to take any alcohol out of the markets and I had a full mug!!  I made them wait a while so I could drink some, but then I gave in and hid the rest of my wine in the pram and went out to the loo’s!!!  Maybe next year I’ll get to drink my wine at leisure!!!!!!!!!!!  On our walk back we got some roasted chestnuts to try which Caitlin and Austin both loved.

Back at home we asked them what their favourite bits of the markets were…to which Austin replied “the chicken nuts”……..He meant chestnuts!!!!

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