Selling books

At harvest festival school discussed charity and giving to others, as part of this a few children suggested holding sales and giving the proceeds to charity.  The head thought this was a good idea and so asked anyone interested to submit an application explaining what they’d sell and who for.

Noah decided he’d like to sell books for his old nursery and so recruited 2 of his friends.  He filled out their application and basically completely organised/railroaded them!!!  They had to do a presentation in assembly in front of the whole school, which his 2 friends refused to Noah said he’d do it by himself!  And he did!!  The head helped him a bit but apparently he stood up and told over 200 people what they’d be doing and who for.  They had to make some posters so his friends came over for tea and they all made some posters and price signs.  They then decided to make hats to go with them!!

Today was Noah’s day to do his sale so we took our donated books to school and me and another mum helped the three of them sell their books.  I forgot to take a photo of them in their hats!!  They sold their books and handed in their money to be counted.  I think they raised about £15 which is pretty good for 5 year olds, we’ll have to wait for the head to give the final total…..


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