Relaxing Sunday

After a whirlwind of a week, we had a nice quiet day….  We should have been still camping so with that cancelled we had no plans.  The kids decided to write their letters to Father Christmas.  Caitlin’s wish list is very thorough!  She has got all kinds on it…..


….she spent ages writing it in lovely neat writing.  She’d like roller blades, a skateboard, a build a bear bed, a build a bear Ariel outfit etc etc  She also wants a Concorde!!!  She did want a remote control Concorde, but has simplified that to just a toy Concorde!!  She also wants an Easter egg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????  They do ask for strange things!

Noah made a start on his and then decided he’d rather go and play so rushed through his!!  He only ended up putting a few things on his list and is regretting it now!


His was really hard to read, he’d write a bit then add a bit to the line above!  He’s asked for a playmobil pirate ship, roller blades, football boots, Astroturf trainers and chocolate buttons with toffee in the middle!!

Austin is hilarious!  He has one thing on his list…..a black car with a clock on the roof!  I have no idea what he means, it’s not ben 10 and he saw it in a red shop but they don’t sell food!  He is refusing point-blank to put anything else on his list!!  If you suggest anything he just says “no I’ll share Noah’s”…..except he hates football and says he doesn’t like pirates!!!!!!!!!!  Occasionally he agrees to add chocolate buttons!!!!


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