A trip to Liverpool

It was Amy’s birthday while we were away last weekend so we went over to see her today.  Once she had opened her presents we went into town where we saw some street performers.  I’m not sure if they were from Britain’s Got Talent or just copying their act, bu the kids were fascinated by them…..

We also took Barnaby Bear…the school bear…with us and took him to see the yellow submarine model…

I’ve no idea why Noah decided he was wearing a shirt and tie….he certainly doesn’t get that from me or Richard…we hardly ever dress up!  Caitlin of course wore a party dress but she wears those all the time!

Yesterday before we went to Blackpool I got my Christmas present…a new lens for my camera so that I can take photos close up or far away without swapping lenses!  I am always wanting to take photos of far away things but the second I swap lenses something really close catches my eye!  Anyway..now I can do both!!  As we were walking along I decided to take a photo of St Johns Beacon….

I love the thunderous sky behind it!!  It did chuck it down soon after this!!  The kids all had a fiver to spend which involved a ridiculous amount of deciding!  Caitlin seemed to get tonnes of stuff for her money, all things for her ZuZu hamster.  Austin picked some cars and then got hysterical that he had no money left in the second shop where Noah was spending his money!  Noah, being the cunning monster he is picked some minis which were £6…I’m sure he knew full well that because they were minis I’d sub him the extra!!!!!!After doing our shopping we went home for birthday cake….

That photo certainly didn’t do my new lens any justice, but I’m sure that was user error!!  After tea and cake we packed up ready to go home, only to discover none of Elvis’s lights were working!!  So it was a call to the AA…..unfortunately it was a young mechanic!  I hate it when they send someone young…they just look at my car as if it belongs in a museum!!

After about an hour of searching he couldn’t find the problem so he just by-passed my wiring and out new wires in!  But at least we were working and could set off home!!!  Yet another ridiculously late night!!!!!!

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