Blackpool Illuminations

When I was little we always used to go to Blackpool to see the lights so we try to go each year too.  For some unknown reason we always think it is a good idea to go by train and it always ends up being a nightmare…no wonder people don’t use public transport!!  We could barely breathe never mind move for about the first hour of the journey, it has been like this every time I’ve been to Blackpool…they really should just add a carriage, especially when it is so expensive!  Anyway…we eventually got there and played on the 2p drops.  I love the 2p drops and we won loads of things.  We then walked along the front until we got to the pier…

They went on a few fair rides on the pier, Noah chose the bumper cars….

Caitlin wanted to go on the big wheel so we all went on that one together.  Noah decided he wasn’t really sure about the height, especially since it was very very windy!  Once Austin saw that Noah was scared he was then convinced there must be something to be scared of and so he started crying…..

Caitlin absolutely loved it though…..

Then they all went on the planes…..

Austin loved this one so him and Caitlin stayed on for another go since Noah had been on the dodgems.  As it was starting to get dark we took the tram down to the far end of the lights and went for a chippy tea, it was seriously windy and freezing so we went for the eat in option and then started to walk back through the lights….

We didn’t make it as far as we normally do because it was so cold so we jumped back on a tram to get back up the pier, but the tram was also packed and Richard got on with the kids but the conductor refused to let me on with the pram and shut the doors.  A woman next to me started panicking because she had spotted Austin getting on and me not, she didn’t realise Richard was on there….although why she thought I didn’t even object to being refused if she thought Austin was then alone I don’t know!  I got the next tram which was deserted but then realised Richard had my ticket!  Luckily the conductor believed me that he was on the tram in front and checked my ticket when I got off and Richard was there!

We then headed back to the train station and caught the train home for another very late night….it was about 11.30pm by the time we got in!



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2 responses to “Blackpool Illuminations

  1. We always drive for some stupid reason and end up sitting in traffic for about 4 hours without moving! Still insist on going every year though despite the lights never seeming to be updated!

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