National Railway Museum

Today we went to the NRM in York….

When we arrived the Lord Mayor was just arriving and we followed him for a while but then we lost him!  We saw all the different trains in the main room including a replica of The Rocket and The Mallard.  We also saw a train that had been cut open to show all the engine which they all loved, and one you could walk underneath which they loved.  We then went inside a bullet train carriage…..

After the bullet train we went on a simulator ride!!!  It was bizarre!!!  We felt like we had been transported back to the ’80’s!!  Technology has moved on so much but the simulator was way behind the times and felt so dated, but the kids were quite impressed..unlike me and Richard who were just laughing at it!!

They then got to dress up as Paddington…..

….and then they got to meet Paddington!!!!!!!!!

We also went on The Rocket, where they were fascinated to see that years ago you didn’t even get seats on trains!  We were in the back carriage and the guard was really nice and let them all have a go of waving the guards flag……

There were some models to make….


…we then finished off the main room and had a quick look in the shop before it was time to go home.  We had planned to go to a Halloween party in the park but it got cancelled at the last-minute due to the rain, so we went on the quickest trick or treat round in the pouring rain…..

and then we met some friends for a pub tea which seemed to do the job of making up for no party.  After tea we paid a speedy visit to mini club but it was already quite late and all 3 of the kids fell asleep so we came home!!!  It was a very long action packed day!!!!


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