First day of half term

Finally half term has arrived!!  Lots of schools were off last week so it has felt like half term has been a long time coming!  After a mad dash down south at the weekend we met up locally with friends for a trip to the park.  The weather was looking decidedly dodgy but we still went.  We went to Heaton Park…I haven’t been there for years and never with the kids, but lots of people had really raved about it.  The play area was good, with a really high slide which Noah flew out of the end of and hurt his bum!!  There were a few things not working though, I’m not sure of they switch them off in winter and since the local schools had all gone back to school so maybe the water play was off not broken?

After we’d had a play we went to look for somewhere to eat our picnic and then had a wander….

…We walked around the lake….

…and then we stopped for a hot chocolate!  The rain was holding off for us, although Richard sent us a message saying it was throwing it down at home!  We carried on walking around the house…..

….they found a wall to jump off…

….and then we felt a few rain drops!  We were still quite far from the cars so we decided to call it a day.  It was quite late anyway so we walked back to the car.  We had a great day and we did like Heaton Park but maybe the weather affected us, because none of us could work out what everyone else thinks is so amazing about it……


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