Nan’s 70th

It was Nan’s 70th birthday and she wanted to celebrate with Richard, his sister and both of their families, so we travelled down to Surrey where Alex lives for a meal.  We set off a bit later than we’d hoped and then we kept running into traffic so it was late afternoon by the time we made it there.  We went to their house first for a very quick play but before we knew it, it was time to go to our hotel to get changed.  Caitlin had requested curly hair so I did that….

I had intended to separate the curls but I’d forgotten to get hairspray so couldn’t mess with it too much as all the curls would fall out!  We were staying near Epsom racecourse and we went for a meal nearby.  The meal was lovely….

…the restaurant was very nice and they even made a special pudding for Austin since he doesn’t like any classic desserts!!  He doesn’t like cake, jelly, icecream….so they made him a little fruit salad and he was very happy.

After the meal we went back to Alex’s for the cake!!!

My friend made the model of Nan out of icing all from photo’s I gave her!  It was amazing and looked just like her!!!  I then made the flowers and vegetables.  They weren’t perfect but I was really pleased with them and when I put them with the tools I bought and the model Emma made the cake looked great and my Mother in Law was very impressed with it.  We stayed at Alex’s for a short while until their kids went to bed then we headed back to our hotel, where they all fell asleep almost straight away…after a photo with Barnaby the school bear!!!!!!

Caitlin, Noah and Austin loved meeting their cousins and we got to go back for a play on Sunday morning….

…..they played with all their toys, games and dressing up outfits!!!

Before we knew it, it was time to go as R had a party to go to… we set off home.  Time flew while we were there, and we got away with squeezing too many people into our hotel room!! We had a great weekend, it was lovely to see everyone.


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