Paper shoes and chillies!

This afternoon we finally had a bit of spare time and so Caitlin made some shoes!!  She had been dying to try paper shoe making since the craft fair and so I drew around her feet for her and she cut them out, made straps and glued them together!!

She initially wanted to make high heels but after a demonstration by Austin on what happens when you stand on a paper heel she agreed to make flats!!

They were very good and she wore them around the house!!

For tea we had fajita’s….whenever we have fajita’s Noah does his chilli trick!!!  He normally has a little piece of chilli in his fajita but today he insisted on having a whole slice…a pretty big one at that!!  And here is the very funny result!!!!!!!


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  1. I could tell exactly how hot that chilli was by his reaction! Priceless!

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