More funny things they say…..

Today was church parade for Caitlin and the rainbows and Caitlin had been entrusted with Olivia the Rainbows doll so we thought we’d best take her along!  I stupidly agreed to let them cycle there…I always forget places are at least twice as far with kids & bikes in tow!!  Austin just about made it there!  Olivia had a lovely time and helped to carry the flag!!!

We set off home and I was convinced Austin would never make it….

…but he did!

Once we got home Caitlin and Noah were discussing the service, namely the part where you offer each other a sign of peace…”peace be with you”.  It went like this….

Noah…”pleased to be with you”

Me…”It’s PEACE not pleased”

Caitlin….”like peace as in catching someone who is naughty”


Me…While laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!  “It’s PEACE…not police…they are totally different!!!!!!!!!”

How do their minds work!!!????


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