A girly day out

There was a craft fair on in town that I had heard about on a blog I read so I went along with Caitlin.  On the way from the train station we spotted a massive a crane lifting some RSJ’s onto the roof of a building.  We were a bit early so we stopped to watch….

Caitlin was completely fascinated by it!!  Once we got to the craft show we went in for a wander, there was no photography allowed inside but we both saw lots of things we loved.  Caitlin was especially impressed by a stand with lots of things made out of paper, she absolutely loved these paper shoes.  All of her things were amazing!!  I loved this stand with food made out of felt..the detail was amazing!!!  Caitlin also liked this stand which had jewellery made of plastic.  It is a bit similar to gelarti which was already on Caitlin’s Christmas list and the lady overheard me telling Caitlin this….she then had a conversation with Caitlin about what gelarti is and she told Caitlin that she should come back with a stand likes hers next year and so now Caitlin wants to do that.

We went outside and sat in the sun to eat our picnic and Caitlin found a tree she really liked with lovely red leaves….

After we’d eaten we met Cath and went back inside and went around the rest of the stands, where Caitlin bought a Christmas card with a robin on the front…she is refusing to send it to anyone though because she loves it too much!!  We then went for a drink in a nearby pub, where we saw some lovely little huts….

Caitlin loved having a girly drink, I think she felt really grown up!!  After our pub drink, we went for a hot chocolate…

…it was really nice having a day to ourselves, we saw loads of fantastic things and it was very quiet and calm without the boys!!  Caitlin absolutely loved it…she just kept giggling all day and saying what a good time she was having!!  And yes she does have a big cut on her nose where she fell over during PE!!

While we were enjoying the craft fair…the boys went to a party….

…I think I’ll take Caitlin along to the next craft fair too!!


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