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Funbus party

Today was my Godson’s birthday party and he had a funbus party.  We’ve never been to a funbus party and it was great, they bring along a double-decker bus, which was really funny because it only just fit on their driveway..well their’s and their neighbours drive since they are joined and it filled the whole thing!!

Inside the bus was a soft play with a super fast slide!

When the bus came to leave it was really obvious how big it was in a normal road!!

They all loved the party and we joked that if one of us had a big enough driveway we’d buy a funbus!!!


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Caitlin’s birthday

Caitlin’s birthday was a Saturday this year, so we all got up and gave her her presents.  Her birthday list covered all kinds of mad requests from an actual hot air balloon….to biscuits!!!!!!!!  Obviously a hot air balloon was out of the question so we got her some cd’s, a barbie, zu zu pets and of course biscuits!!!!!

After she had opened her presents Austin had a party to go to.  It was a Jo Jingles party and they were all really shy at first, but then they all started joining in….

Another of Caitlin’s requests for her birthday was to sleep in Alfie on the driveway, but while we were away in Majorca a local garage had managed to fix Alfie so we decided to actually go camping in him.  Some friends were already camping and they suggested joining them so we did.  We set off as soon as Austin’s party was over and went to Chatsworth.  We found our friends pretty easily which was good because they had no mobile signal!  There was a big country fair going on but it was quite pricey to get in so we just sat around in the camping area watching the kids playing football and messing about in Alfie.  Just before tea the red arrows were due to do a display so the kids all lined up ready to watch….

The Red Arrows were brilliant, I took millions of photos, some of them quite good but the last one was my favourite….

After the display our friends were supposed to be going flying in their hot air balloon but it was too windy so there was just a static display inside the country fair….

….and after that we had a BBQ tea followed by a cake for Caitlin…

In the morning it was slightly less windy and so the balloons went up but the weather wasn’t great and so they all just did a really short flight, but it was still great to see so close…  While we were packing up Alfie ready to get going for another party the kids were all climbing trees.  As usual, Noah climbed pretty far up!  It’s ironic really that he refused to climb up the climbing wall where he had a safety harness on, but was happy to climb way higher in a tree!!!!!!!!!

Once we were packed up we had to rush off home to get cleaned up ready for my Godson’s birthday party.


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