Gold medals work…

After Austins tears at going to nursery I have been giving him a sweet, a haribo gold medal, if he’s gone to nursery nicely with no tantrums or tears!!  Austin loves sweets and so they’ve worked really well and he even drew a picture of himself not crying at nursery!!!!!!!  In fact for the past few days I have forgotten to give him his sweet and he has continued to be good!

Today Austin had a swimming lesson at school, it is fantastic…they have a pool in the school and so long as an adult accompanies them they have the chance to go swimming once a week.  I wasn’t too sure if me going in would upset him, or if he would be ok swimming since that also isn’t on his list of favourite activities!!  He quite liked swimming although he was far less confident than he normally is!

So..for now at least….school is ok and he is enjoying it!


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