Only 23 days late

Finally it is time for Caitlin’s birthday party.  That’s the trouble with having your birthday in the summer holidays…lots of children’s activities are busy doing holiday clubs or the term time people are on holiday themselves!  Caitlin really wanted a gymnastics party, but she wanted her gymnastics teacher and she wanted to do cartwheels!  I could get hold of a different gymnastics centre but when Caitlin went to a party there they didn’t do cartwheels or the splits so she didn’t want that.  After waiting and waiting I eventually gave up and booked her a build a bear party which was her second choice…then sods law her gymnastics teacher got back to me!!!  All this waiting meant her party was weeks after her actual birthday but I suppose that’s quite good as it spreads the celebration out!!  So armed with 11 friends and 3 friends sisters we went to build a bear!  Richard drew the short straw and had the girls in Jap Taxi which involved Katy Perry on very loudly..over and over again!!  I got my friend’s daughter and the boys (Noah and Austin) and music but not overly loud and not on repeat!

First they all picked their bears….

…and then they queued up to stuff them…

I was a bit disappointed really, I had expected them to play games while they stuffed their bears.  There were 15 of them and only one girl stuffing the bears!!

The other girl seemed to be just watching over us and telling Austin off for pressing the sound machine!!  It took quite a while to stuff all of the bears and by the end they were all getting bored.

After the stuffing they cleaned their bears, picked an accessory and played a quick game of pirates.  We then took them all for a meal, complete with the famous candle!!

This time it even did sparklers!!!

It was then time to return home…again with “firework” on repeat for Richard, and their own rendition of “celebration” for me…at the very very top of their voices…thanks to the restaurant for playing that during the birthday cake!


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