Off to a wedding…

The rest of the week at nursery went much better.  Austin still looked a little bit teary going in but you could tell he was having a good day and enjoying playing with the others, which was a relief!!

On Saturday me and Richard were off to a wedding so I went to drop the kids off at my Mums.  She had a little birthday party for her and a few people came to give her some presents which included some Hama beads.  She had a go of these in Rainbows and decided she really liked them and so put them on her birthday list.

She got lots of other bits and bobs too but the Hama beads were the biggest hit and she sat for hours making the ballerina.  She also had a cake of course!

Caitlin was then twirling her new Hama bead case around when the lid fell off and just short of 5000 beads fell all over the floor!  So I helped pick them up and then left them to it!!!!!!!!

This morning since we had the day to ourselves we went to the barn we rent for the rest of the minis and I took my camera along to take some photo’s of the neglected minis!!!!

It was all very dusty and just minis piled on top of each other!!  We really need a house with a garage!!!

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