Yesterday at nursery did not go well!  I thought it was all going too well….last Thursday and Friday Austin went in brilliantly and had a great time, on Friday he was especially happy because he got a book bag and so now he is just like Caitlin and Noah.   Yesterday however he had the biggest meltdown I have ever seen him do!!  I could hear him screaming from the carpark….and kicking the door!!  It’s weird because Caitlin and Noah have never really been tantrum’ers…they have cried and had their moments but never really a full on tantrum!  The tears lasted a good 20 minutes during which I kept thinking I should go back inside to calm him down but looking back I doubt that would have helped it would have just delayed it.

Today they called me to say he was upset but I had no car because Elvis has failed his MOT and Alfie is in the garage having his MOT… I couldn’t go and collect him.  Now I have had time to think about it I’m glad I couldn’t go because I think that would have set a very bad habit going.  In the afternoon I picked up Alfie who had passed his MOT….yippppeeeee….and Richard went for Austin.  You could tell he’d had a bad day but hopefully it’ll be upwards from here!!


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