The end for Herman

Well…yesterday Herman was 9 days old so we fed him, stirred him and split him up!  I had a queue of people willing to give Herman a home so we took our bowls to school and gave them away to 3 mums….

Today was baking day for Herman!  Caitlin helped to feed him again and mix it up ready for the oven, in her best party dress of course!!  She dressed herself and quite often picks a posh dress for just hanging around the house!

While we waited for Herman to cool we went for a bike ride to the park.  Austin kept doing comedy falls….

….and then we thought he had fallen asleep…..

He was really tired but was just kidding!  Then it was time to sample Herman after tea, even Austin had a taste and kind of liked it!!

It was very nice, so we told one of our recipients that we’d have Herman back if they needed someone to pass to!


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