Nursery school….

Today Austin starts nursery…..  I can’t believe he is big enough for nursery, he’s nowhere near as capable as Noah was when he started….he can’t write his name yet, he can just about dress himself but it’s a struggle, he’s never really been anywhere without me…  I’m sure he’ll learn to manage but I think it will be a bit of a shock for him at first!  He got dressed into his uniform and I made him a packed lunch….

Richard was on lates so we dropped Caitlin and Noah first and then we both took Austin to nursery.

He went in brilliantly, he just ran in and saw his friend L who I had looked after a bit last year so he knew her really well.  He sat next to L and when I asked if I could go now he said “yes and Daddy too”…so off we went.  We went for a pub lunch and then Richard went off to work.  I went back at 3 to collect Austin and he’d had a good day, he seemed to like nursery and had loved playing with L.


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