Majorca part 3

After Caitlin got her medal at the mini disco on the Monday night, Noah decided he wanted to go to the kids entertainment during the day to try to win a certificate.  Austin refused to go so we went to the kids splash pool with him.  The others all went to the entertainment where they made water balloons and played some games, they then came down to the splash pool and played with the balloons.

After the kids club there was dancing around the pool by the entertainment staff…a very weird idea really but the kids loved joining in!!

The kids all had a lie in the sun to dry out before lunch!!

After lunch Noah wanted to go to the entertainment again…he still hadn’t won a certificate or medal!!  Caitlin went with him and they played diving for coins in the pool, but again…no certificate!  In the evening since it was our last night we went out to the local town….

…we let each of the kids pick a ride to go on.  Caitlin went on some boats….

Noah and Austin both picked the cars, no surprise there!

Austin wasn’t happy because he wasn’t allowed on the cars by himself!  He kept saying how he was allowed on the kiddy karts by himself, so he went on with Richard and Richard told him we’d come back in two years and he could go on his own then….

The next day was our final day and Austin decided he would go along to the kids entertainment, they did some colouring and played some games.  I had to stay with Austin as he was only 3, so I helped with the colouring.  There was just about enough time for lunch and then it was time to head home…..


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