Majorca part 2

On the Saturday we went for a walk into the town.  The kids all had some euros, so we set off to see what they could get with their money.  Noah and Austin bought cars…of course!!!!!!!!  Caitlin managed to buy tonnes of stuff with her money!!  She got a necklace, spanish dancing dress for her Barbie, a fan, a pram for her Barbie, a balancing dragonfly and some sweets…and she still had a few euros left over!  Noah then spent the rest of his money on a football kit!  They were ridiculously cheap…five euros!  He ended up with an Arsenal kit…very odd choice, but all Noah wants in a kit is that it has a number on the back and comes with the matching socks!!  And Arsenal was the only one in his size that did that…so Arsenal it was!!

In the evening the two girls we were with won a certificate and a medal at the mini disco.  Caitlin wore her new necklace….

..and Noah wore his new football kit!!!

On Sunday we stayed by the small kids pool, it was lovely and shady for the kids and quite quiet so we could move our sunbeds in or out of the sun.  There was also a lovely breeze coming up from the beach.  There was also a playground next to the pool so they could run between the two.  Noah loved the monkey bars and climbed all along the top…

In the afternoon they all wrote letters to the mini disco, and they all got to go on stage in the evening when the letters got read out.  Caitlin look petrified when they made her shout “yo” into the microphone, but then later said that was the best bit of the night!!

After getting her letter read out, Caitlin also ended up in the finals of the Miss Diva competition along with A.  She twirled and danced on stage and had a great time…

….and she won!!!!!!!!!!

On the Monday we went on a boat trip!  It was brilliant.  The kids all got pirate bandanas to wear which they loved.  Getting onto the boat was a bit scary as we had to go down some steps cut out of the cliff.  The boat was a glass bottomed catamaran but down in the hull was boiling hot so we just left the kids down there looking out at the fish.  I tried to take some photos but it wouldn’t take through the glass so I didn’t get any pictures of the fish.

We went into a cave and to a few little bay’s where you could get off and have a swim, but we’d not taken swimming things so we stayed on.

In the evening we went to the mini disco so that Caitlin could get her medal.  They were having a cowboy night and so they got their faces painted…

and Caitlin got her medal….

She was very very proud, and it was a great medal too, a proper metal one with Club Cala Romani on it!!  After the medals and certificates there was a reptile show.  It was the most bizarre reptile show I have ever seen….there was a big black screen and they just posted the reptiles out of it!!!!!!!!????

They all refused to hold the big Boa Constrictor but one of the girls we were with did.

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