Majorca part 1

We went on holiday to Majorca with another family who have two girls.  It’s one of the families we go to Rhyl with but this time it was for a full week and with the Dad’s!  There was great discussion as to who was sitting with who on the plane.  The girls all ended up sitting together and Noah and Austin sat together…

The flight passed pretty quickly.  The girls played top trumps and the boys did robot mosaic’s!  We’d booked a bargain holiday so we weren’t 100% sure what we’d get and if it would be a disaster.  We’d also booked a transfer from the airport to the hotel.  We dropped off at what seemed like a million locations and drove around in circles…eventually after a very long two and a half hours!!!!!!!!…we made it to our hotel.  It all looked ok and it was well past tea time so we dropped the bags in the rooms where Austin decided to scale the balcony and I just spotted him as he was stood on it with everything above his knees above the top rail!!!!  It was a rare moment when I did not stop to take a photo!!!!  I couldn’t believe it…we had been in the room for a matter of minutes!!  He got suitably yelled at and hopefully scared off climbing the balcony for the rest of the holiday!  We then went for something to eat and then went straight to the club to test out the entertainment.  It was absolutely scorching and we were all sweating buckets!!!!

We didn’t last too long before the kids were all flagging so we went back to the rooms and arranged to meet by the main pool after breakfast since we had no idea when anyone would wake up.  The rooms were stiflingly hot!!!  We had to sleep with our balcony door open, but we couldn’t leave theirs open incase Austin decided to go climbing again!  We actually arrived at breakfast together so we ate and then went to the pool….

The pool was very busy which made it a bit difficult keeping track of all 5 kids but they had a great time and it was nice and cool in the water!!  After lunch we went for a snooze so that they’d have enough energy to stay up for the disco later.  Caitlin couldn’t sleep so I sat on the balcony with her and we took some photos of our view….

This view makes it look lovely…but unfortunately that was only the view if you looked out to the right!  If you looked straight ahead the view was of another block of the hotel which actually looked a bit like a council flat estate!!  I also took some lovely photos of Caitlin…

In the evening the girls got dressed up in their Spanish dancing dresses and Noah put his Barcelona kit on and they went to the disco where they played all the same songs as our Malaga holiday including chu chu ua song…..

The Barcelona kit turned out to be a good choice for Noah because they were showing the Barcelona v Real Madrid game in the bar and Noah ended up sitting and watching the whole thing with one of the hotel staff….Barcelona won but the man from the hotel was a Real Madrid supporter, but he was lovely and posed for a photo with Noah at the end of the game.  Why aren’t football supporters like that in England….

On the Friday we met again at breakfast and arranged to meet at the beach later on.  We walked down to the beach, on the way we spotted a rainbow in the hotel sprinkler system.  I spent a while trying to get a photo of it and while I was messing about the others caught us up so we walked the rest of the way all together.

Caitlin and her friend dawdled along at the back like two old women!!

They are funny together….on the walk back A put her towel over her head and Caitlin was “guiding” her back…we lost track of the number of times they fell off the path…both hopeless!!!  The beach was also really busy but they all had a great time.  Austin was scared to death we were going to make him go into the sea so he had insisted on wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  Everyone else went into the sea….

Austin stayed mainly on the beach getting absolutely covered in sand…

At the edge of the beach there was a little cave so we went over and took some photos before going back for lunch…

After lunch it was siesta time before meeting for tea and the disco!!!

The tiredness caught up with Austin and he fell asleep after the mini club…..


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