Cars 2

There is an outdoor cinema in Manchester which was showing Cars 2 this weekend so we went with some friends.  I kind of knew about the cinema but we’d never been.  We weren’t sure how quickly seats were taken, it is free so we assumed it would be fairly popular!  We got there pretty early and got front row deck chairs!!!

There was also a lady there doing free face painting.  She was absolutely amazing!!!  She did Lightening McQueen on Noah…

and butterflies on the girls…

Then the film started!  It was good really because it is outside the noise doesn’t really matter and there were a few little ones running around.  Our lot ate their picnics and stayed sitting down for most of the film.  The forecast was for light rain but it managed to hold off for the whole of the film.  Afterwards we did a bit of holiday shopping and then called for a drink before heading home.


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