2 gold medals

Over the summer holidays Caitlin and Noah have both been taking part in the library reading challenge.  They had to read 2 books to get a bronze sticker, 2 more for the silver stickers & a key ring and 2 more for the gold stickers and a gold medal.  Caitlin read all of her books easily and got her gold medal today….

Noah’s topic at school last term was pirates and he kept picking books about pirates!  They all had really tough words in which he did really well reading, but did need quite a bit of help.  They also had some gruesome pictures in of things like hearts getting ripped out and people being cut in half which gave him nightmares!!!!!!!  He also got his gold medal though….

I’m very glad we’re finished though…I don’t think we could handle any more scary books!!  Caitlin decided to write a note recommending her book for the library wall….

Austin also got some books out but he is too young for the challenge.  They also get a certificate but they give those out at school when they go back in September.


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