Fun day

The weather wasn’t looking too promising but we decided to still give the fun day a try.  When we arrived it didn’t look like there was much there.  We stopped at the first stall and painted a picture and made badges.

We then queued up to get their faces painted, this was my idea which I really regretted because there were loads of really cool things that I took photos of them doing that I really wish I didn’t have Hello Kitty or Spiderman doing!!!!!  There was a lady there who was letting the kids all hold her Olympic torch….

….they loved holding a real torch…

..even Austin had a turn and since he had refused to get his face painted his was the best photo!

After the torch they got to see some birds of prey and they got to hold an owl (wouldn’t that have been a great picture if Spiderman hadn’t got in on the act!!)…

Caitlin also had a hold although the man had to help her a bit…

After the birds of prey they all had a go at archery, even Austin had a try.  The man in charge had to help Austin as he was too young really…

Caitlin and Noah then had a go in the zorbs….

There was also some bikes from the Wythenshaw Wheelers to try out.  Noah of course picked the biggest bike they had…

Caitlin tested out loads of different bikes and go-kart type bikes…

Austin went on a hand bike and had a great time.

They all spent absolutely ages on the bikes and I had said they could go on the park but it had started raining and we’d run out of time.   I can’t believe we’d managed to try out so many things and all for free too!  It wasn’t too close to us but I’m really glad we made the journey…well worth it!

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