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A visit to nursery

Today Austin had a visit to nursery.  There were a few of his friends there, one who already goes a few days a week and a little boy who Austin knows who was having his visit too.  I completely expected him to cry and refuse to let me go, but he was fine.  He was walking around playing with the toys really well so I told him I was going outside to talk to the teachers and that I’d be back soon to collect him.  When I got back an hour later he’d been fine, he did say that he didn’t want to come back but he seemed to enjoy it and so I’m sure he’ll be fine in September….


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CamperJam take 2 (and 3!!)!!

On Saturday morning the rain had finally stopped (for a bit) so Richard finished off a few bits on Alfie and we decided to brave the weather and go to CamperJam.  We got about 5 miles and realised we’d forgotten the mattress for Austin’s bed and also forgotten to put the tax disc in!  So we turned around and went back!!!  We collected the forgotten things and set off again.  By this time it was almost dinner time and Austin was obviously bored and fell asleep…..

We’d made a picnic for dinner which we had intended to have there but with having to go back we just ate it in the car.  Once we got to CamperJam and parked up in the “family home is where you park it” section the sun was still shining so we headed straight down to the main show.  The mud was unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!

In some parts it came right up to the top of the kids wellies!!  We’d not been there long when the rain started again!!  Very stupidly we’d thought the blue skies were here for a while and had left all the coats in the van so we sheltered in a trade tent, well all of us apart from Noah who thought it was hilarious to stay out in the rain!!

He had a great time and got completely soaked!!!

After about 15 minutes (maybe longer…the people in the trade stand were lovely and we were laughing away with them) the rain died down a bit so we decided to make our way up towards the food tents..through more mud!!!

We stopped off on the way at the CamperVan cookie stand and had some gorgeous campervan cookies, she also makes all kinds of shaped cookies.

We then went for a drink in the family entertainment tent where the kids coloured some campervans in and made some Mardi gras masks…

In the evening there were loads of bands on, fancy dress competitions…some of the kids entries were amazing!  One boy was a preying mantis and a girl was a campervan…they were brill!  There was also a glow tent so we went there and the kids got given glow paint to paint their faces with and loads of glow sticks!!

We then went back to Alfie to set up ready for bed!!!!!!!  It took quite a while to sort the beds out!!  Austin slept on a mattress on the back parcel shelf and Caitlin was in a hammock above the double bed…..

…Noah was in a hammock above the driver’s seat….

..and Me and Richard were in the double bed!  We were all very muddy but there were only 12 showers on site (and 1000’s and 1000’s of people…all very muddy!) so we didn’t even try to get cleaned up!  We all slept surprisingly well and somehow Austin was the last person to wake up!!!  I don’t think he has ever been the last person up!  The sun was shining again so we ate our breakfast and went back down to the show area, with Caitlin and Noah attached together by glow sticks.

We watched the dog competition and got drinks from a campervan which turned out to belong to a girl I went to school with….

We tried a wander through the trade stands again but the mud was so thick we didn’t really look in the stands we just concentrated on mot falling over!!  Austin found the last patch of grass, which was very funny…

They then had a few goes on the fair rides where Caitlin and Noah chased Austin around while he had his ride!!!

We then watched as the traders were all being towed out of the mud and decided maybe we should leave before we ended up stuck in some mud and waiting all afternoon for a tractor to rescue us!!!

We managed to get out pretty easily, possibly because the family camping was further out and so less trampled….

So we survived although we were very very muddy……

P.S. I wasn’t paid by either of the company’s I have mentioned I just really liked their stuff and so thought I’d mention them 🙂


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CamperJam take 1…..

Well Friday arrived and so did torrential rain!!!!  Today we have had a months worth of rain in 24 hours!!!!!!!  It has been awful and meant that Richard still has a tiny bit of work to do on Alfie before we can set off.  Also we decided that it was raining so hard that all we would do is get to CamperJam and sit squashed in the van listening to the rain batter on the roof!  So we didn’t set off!!  Cue lots of tears from the kids!  As a compromise we promised that we would set off tomorrow and then came up with the idea of them sleeping inside Noah’s campervan bed!!!

Then we bribed them with a take away and staying up later!  Once bedtime arrived all three of them camped out in the inside of the van….

I was amazed that Austin even entertained the idea of getting in bed with Caitlin and Noah but he did…and he even got in, said good night and let me turn the light off….but then about 2 or 3 minutes later he was shouting to get out and go back to his own bed!  An hour later Caitlin got up and said Noah was too hot and could she move too….so it was just Noah left!  Which was good really as a decent nights sleep before heading to CamperJam in the morning was preferable!!

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My birthday!

I forgot to take any pictures on my actual birthday!  But I got loads of great pressies including a Kindle!  We also went to Pizza Hut for tea….I love Pizza Hut!  My family came over to see me and bring my presents tonight and so we had cake and nibbles!!

My sister even took some photos….of me!!!!!!!!!!  I got loads of cool pressies including new bumpers for Elvis (my mini) and a new steering wheel!  Maybe when I get some free time in a week or 2 I’ll fit them!  I also got some knitting patterns which I’m hoping to do when I get a minute!!


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Swimming lessons

We had to swap our lesson this week incase we make it to CamperJam on Friday and while we were there I took a sneaky picture with no faces of the other kids on it (well no kids faces actually) so I thought I’d share it!!

Caitlin and Noah are doing really well at swimming, Austin on the other hand hates it….and pretty much cries for his whole lesson!!  There is only one other boy in his class and they feed off each other!  Both of them are really scared of jumping in and going on their backs and so they look to each other and when one gets teary the other does!!  Hopefully it will pass but at the moment it just seems to be getting worse!

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