Ice Age 4

Caitlin and Noah were invited to a friends (one of the girls we went to Rhyl with) cinema birthday party, but G said we could all tag along if we wanted so we joined them.  It was in 3-D and even though Austin has seen 3-D films at Legoland he seemed really confused and quite scared at first.  He just kept taking his glasses off and saying “when I put my sunglasses on everything keeps coming out of the tele”.  He also kept asking loads of questions all the way through!  Weird since he’s been to the cinema quite a bit but obviously he wasn’t overly impressed by Ice Age!!

After the cinema we went for a meal, the kids all had one big table and the adults a nice quiet table!!  They all had a brilliant time, they get on really well together…we’re going on holiday with them soon, they are all really excited!!!

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