The Olympics

For fathers day I bought my Dad tickets to watch the Olympic football and he offered to take Caitlin and Noah with him.  I was really pleased they would get the chance to go to an Olympic event, I just hope they remember it.  They had tickets to see Egypt v New Zealand followed by Brazil v Belarus.  My Dad had picked the date because he wanted to see Brazil play, so I got Caitlin and Noah a Brazil kit each to wear…

They looked very funny in their little kits!  I dropped them off at Old Trafford….

…and told my Dad to call me when they needed picking up.  I was hoping they wouldn’t get bored before Brazil got to play, with the inter-match entertainment it was about 5 hours in all!  Just as they were walking in the gate they met some people they knew which was a bit odd considering there were 66 thousand people attending!!

But they had a great time and stayed right to the end!!

They were impressed with the size of Old Trafford and they took loads of photo’s so hopefully will be able to look back and remember!!


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