Today was Austin’s last ever trip to playgroup.  It was very weird because I have been going to a playgroup of some description since Caitlin was a few weeks old…so almost 7 years!!  He had a great time playing with his friends but I doubt he understood when I said he wouldn’t be coming again….

Today was also the last day of the school year and someone in Noah’s class suggested an outing to a little park next to a local chippy for a picnic tea (chipnic tea) to celebrate the end of their first year at school.  The weather was great and with siblings there was about 40 kids plus parents.  We all just sat around in the sun while they all played football…

..or generally just ran around the park playing.  They all had a fantastic time..

Noah’s class all seem to get on really well and a few of the Mum’s are really good at organising get togethers.  It was really hot and one of the boys took his top off so all the rest copied….

They looked very funny all racing around with little brown arms attached to white bodies!  We ended up eating our chippy tea and then staying to play until gone 8pm!!  They were all having so much fun!  It was a fantastic idea…let’s hope it turns into a final day of the year tradition!!!

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