CamperJam take 1…..

Well Friday arrived and so did torrential rain!!!!  Today we have had a months worth of rain in 24 hours!!!!!!!  It has been awful and meant that Richard still has a tiny bit of work to do on Alfie before we can set off.  Also we decided that it was raining so hard that all we would do is get to CamperJam and sit squashed in the van listening to the rain batter on the roof!  So we didn’t set off!!  Cue lots of tears from the kids!  As a compromise we promised that we would set off tomorrow and then came up with the idea of them sleeping inside Noah’s campervan bed!!!

Then we bribed them with a take away and staying up later!  Once bedtime arrived all three of them camped out in the inside of the van….

I was amazed that Austin even entertained the idea of getting in bed with Caitlin and Noah but he did…and he even got in, said good night and let me turn the light off….but then about 2 or 3 minutes later he was shouting to get out and go back to his own bed!  An hour later Caitlin got up and said Noah was too hot and could she move too….so it was just Noah left!  Which was good really as a decent nights sleep before heading to CamperJam in the morning was preferable!!

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