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Finally a day of peace…..followed by another day out.

Finally after not stopping since our holiday we had a few days of no real plans…..which was great as we got to unpack finally, and catch up on the washing!!  On the Thursday Caitlin was invited out for her friend’s birthday which she really enjoyed.

On the Friday we were back out really early again, over to see Nanny and Grandad.  We had a mad action packed day!!  It was pouring with rain but we still headed off into Liverpool.  We went up St John’s Beacon which I have been meaning to take them up for ages.

It would have been better if it had been a nice sunny day, but never mind!  They still loved being able to see right across the city…..

St John’s Beacon is part of the shopping precinct, which now houses Radio City..Liverpool’s radio station.  It’s over 120 metres tall.

After the tower we went to the museum to the planetarium.

I have to say the planetarium was a bit of a let down.  The film was projected up onto the domed ceiling but it had a definite direction and to view it properly we really needed to have been sitting on the opposite side of the circular seating.  After the planetarium we finished off the duck trail that we had started when we went to book our tickets.

We also sponsored a duck in the charity duck race.  They were issuing randomly named ducks to people and  Caitlin got Lucy, Noah got Eddie…which is just bizarre as Eddie and Lucy are really good friends of ours….hopefully that is a lucky omen!!!

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Lyme Park

After our late night yesterday it was another early start to go to Lyme Park and meet some friends.  We all took bikes which meant I got to test out my bike rack with 3 bikes on…it worked brilliantly, although it was really distracting every time I looked in my mirrors and saw big objects right at the rear window.  I kept thinking something was about to crash into us!!

Once we got to Lyme Park the kids all set off on their bikes….

When they cycled through the play area we stopped for a play.  There was a massive muddy patch but before I could get to the kids Caitlin was already in it!

Her right foot is completely covered in mud..half way up her shin, there is a shoe under all that mud!!!  Her left foot seems to have escaped the mud but only because when I got to her she had abandoned her left shoe in the middle of the mud!!!  I couldn’t believe it was Caitlin who got stuck in the mud and not Noah, when I got there and asked Noah how he didn’t end up in it he said he had walked around it!!  Wonders will never cease!  While Caitlin got over her mud bath, Noah was playing on the fireman’s pole which is really high!!

After the playground we put the bikes back in the cars and went for a walk up to The Cage.  I thought it was a folly but it turns out it was built for the ladies to watch the hunting from.

It is only open on 13 weekends of the year and on the way into the park there had been a sign saying it was open.  There were some people near to it on the phone complaining to the park wardens that it wasn’t open.  Apparently the sign was wrong and it wasn’t open.  While we were listening in to figure this out the kids had run off down the hill so we sat about and I took some “unaware” photo’s of them…

Just as they arrived back and we were about to go I spotted a National Trust van arriving so we stayed and managed to get a tour of The Cage.  Inside there were some antlers from the deer in the park which they were allowed to hold and look at so I got them to hold them up for some photos…

I would have loved to get a photo of all 3 of them holding them up, but they were really quite heavy and so they wouldn’t have been able to hold them long enough.

In fact Austin could only hold the very small antlers anyway….

After The Cage we went into the gardens and then had an ice-cream before taking a slightly less muddy Caitlin home!!

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Caravan banger racing

The day after we got back from holiday we got up quite late and headed straight out to watch the caravan banger racing with some friends.  The weather forecast wasn’t looking good but it turned out to be really good.  We watched the stock cars and banger cars first and saw a few crashes….

…and some spins….

We had a walk through the pits and had a look at the cars.  We also looked for the caravans but could only see 2 which was a bit disappointing.  Once all of the proper races were done they had some banger cars tied together which was quite funny.

Eventually it was the turn of the caravans!  It seemed to take ages for the caravans to be on!  There were 2 caravans being towed by banger cars and 2 other banger cars which were only allowed to crash into the caravans.  It was brilliant, one of the cars drove through the caravan and knocked it off the car that was towing it!!

After the caravans we went for a pub tea as we had no food in!  There was a great play area outside so we stayed for a bit of a play too….

It was gone 9pm by the time we got back….yet another late night!!!

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An award for Noah

I forgot to post about Noah getting an award!  He came home on Austin’s birthday with a certificate in his bag….for the Olympic and Paralympic Value of Excellence!!!  Underneath the type it says…

“Noah has worked so hard this year.  He always works to the best of his abilities and has achieved all of his goals.”

He is very pleased with it.  There are 7 values they were awarding for, they are doing one value each week.  It’s very nice to hear though that he is trying really hard.

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Malaga part 3

It was another vote for swimming but we eventually persuaded them all to come for a walk to spend their holiday (and tooth fairy) money and try to find the beach.  We had been told the best way to get there from a few people at the hotel and basically we’d got about half way maybe a bit more, but there was a lot of steps!  We set off assuming we’d have to take the lift back up and maybe even down!  We’d gone in the wrong direction the first time so the beach wasn’t quite as far as we thought and the steps weren’t what we expected either.  The streets basically turned into the steps, with cafe’s and shops winding the way down, and the steps were quite big so it was easy to push the pram down.  Noah was on the look out for a Spanish football kit and we finally found one that was close to his budget and when we said he didn’t have enough money the man knocked some money off.  Noah asked if he’d get any change but it was still 2 euros over what he had so the answer was no (I had planned to sub him the extra since he was buying something worthwhile)…the man then knocked another 2 euros off…which still meant no change. so he still refused, so the man offered to include the socks…but still no change so still a no from Noah.  I was amazed at how much he managed to barter him down to, and equally amazed he still said no just because he wasn’t getting any change!!!  Anyway at the bottom of the steps (I think there were a few hundred steps) was the promenade and beach, so we had a wander along and a play in a little park on the beach.

We then headed back and decided that we’d try going back up the steps, it was pretty easy really as they weren’t at all steep and it was a nice scenic walk.  At the top of the steps Noah was finally persuaded to part with half of his money…..

…on a car OF COURSE!!!!  Austin had bought a plane half way down the steps, but was a bit gutted when he discovered it didn’t really fly!!!!

Me and Richard spent our holiday money from my Mum on a giant drink!!

….the photo doesn’t really do it justice but the glasses each held a litre and took us quite a while to drink!  By the time we made it back to the hotel it was time for tea and the evening’s entertainment which meant Caitlin got to wear her purchase…Spanish dancing shoes!!!

The next day was back to more swimming and drinking….

….before our last night of entertainment.

On our final day we got collected from the hotel just after our mid-day check out so there was time for a very quick swim before lunch, then time to leave!  We all had a great time relaxing and swimming in the sun.  The kids made lots of friends and loved doing this dance every night at the kids entertainment….

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