Happy Birthday Richard

It is Richards birthday!!  So yesterday we went to campervan club (that’s not the same ring to it as mini club)

There were some other kids there about the same age as Caitlin and Noah so they were playing together, and they got a go in their truck.  We also discovered they were going to CamperJam..which we will be going to if Alfie is back together!!  Hopefully we’ll bump into them there too although we are in a different section to them.  After the club we went out for tea, but Richard was coming down with a cold so I didn’t take any pictures.

In the morning we gave him our presents and the cards the kids had made.  We got him some cd’s and the lego campervan….

I’ve been told it’s really hard so I’ll post again when it’s built!!!  But first on the priority list is getting our real campervan built!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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