Belated Jubilee Party

My Mum was desperate to have a Jubilee party for the kids but my Great Aunty broke her hip and had to have a hip replacement so my Mum delayed it until she was a bit better.   There were loads of flags….

….party food and Jubilee themed cakes….

…and a Jubilee cake with candles for them to blow out…

They also played pin the crown on the queen!!  A fantastic idea!!!

Caitlin got it pretty much spot on…as she always does with pin the whatever on the whatever!!  I don’t know how she always gets it right but she does!!  My Mum’s cousin had bought them each a craft kit which they all wanted to make.  Caitlin’s needed a bit more help so she saved hers and helped Austin make his….

By then it was getting quite late so it was time to go home to bed.  They each got a party bag with loads of goodies in and a piece of the cake to take home…not that Austin ate his!!


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