Fathers day weekend

Saturday morning started with the usual trip to football with Noah!  This week he got a medal…..they had all got a medal at the fun day we couldn’t go to so he got his this week.

He was very chuffed with his medal, even though it really annoys me when “everyone” gets a medal…real life doesn’t work like that!  Anyway after football it was straight off to a party for Caitlin….

It was at a soft play so I took all 3 of them…but Austin was sick so I had to take him home!  Luckily Caitlin and Noah got lifts home so they could stay.  After Caitlin’s party was one for Noah….

It was a super hero party but Noah decided to go as a King!!!

The next day, Fathers Day, Austin was still hot and not eating although he had stopped being sick.  They gave Richard his presents and cards…..with Noah being the funniest!  He had decided that the car air freshener he had given last year was worn out so we had been to several shops for him to buy a replacement.  Noah had also made a card at school.  He had come out earlier in the week and said “I have sad news”…..”you can’t tell Daddy”…to which I thought he had been in trouble!  On questioning he said he had made a card for Richard but they had MADE him do a super hero…”but Daddy isn’t a super hero”…ermm true!  I tried to explain that they meant Daddy was his hero…but he was taking it all very literally and was very very insistent Daddy was not a super hero!!  Eventually he accepted that Richard would just like the colouring he had done!

Austin was supposed to be going to a party but we had to cancel…and we had to cancel our Fathers Day meal out which was a shame…so we just had take-away instead!


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