Watching the football….

Since Noah is really getting into football I said they could watch the football, especially since England were playing and they are who he has decided he is supporting.  We got pizza tea and sat down to watch…only to discover it was delayed by an hour.  So we ate our tea and waited!  Eventually it came on and Noah was mesmerised by it.  Caitlin was completely distracted and a complete girl!  The conversation went like this….

Caitlin – Is that grass real?

Me – Yep…  (Although I later discovered – well my cousin said so and he knows way more than me! – that it was astro turf)

C – How do they get the stripes?

Me – They have a special rotary lawnmower that rolls it one way then they turn around for the next stripe so it’s rolled the other way.

C – Oh.  It’s really pretty isn’t it?

Me – Yes it is.

C – I like it, I wish we had grass like that.

Me – I just wish we had grass and not bald patches….

C – Oh look at his trainers…they’ve got pink bits on!

Me – which trainers?  (I was reading a magazine…well trying)

C – He’s gone now…they were really nice!

She lasted to half time asking all manner of questions!  God help Noah if he continues to like football she’ll drive him mad!  After half time she went to bed and Austin fell asleep on the settee.

Noah loved watching it and watched right to the end…cheering for all the England goals and crying when Sweden scored!!


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