Manchester Day Parade

Today we went to the Manchester Day Parade.  We went a few years ago and it was great so since we were free we went along.  First of all we called into the shops to look for  Brazil football kit and when we passed Early Learning we spotted a craft activity going on so they each made something.  Caitlin made a crown, Noah a flag and Austin a medal.  We then went to Exchange Square to eat our picnic lunch.  After our picnic we walked down towards the parade and on the way we passed a street entertainer that Noah was very impressed by….

We found a good spot, pretty much where we were last time and sat around waiting for the parade to start.  Once it did there were loads of great groups walking past….

Caitlin and Noah loved them all….

Austin refused to get out of the pram, mind you he is scared of big costumes and there were lots of giant-sized figures walking along.  Once the parade had finished along our bit of road we went for a quick drink where the kids played with their worms that we’d bought for them…

We then wandered over to the after parade party which was hosted by the co-operative

…it was brilliant, there was so much to do for the kids.  Hook a duck with fruit prizes, a digger to play on, an astro turf lawn with croquet and deck chairs, face painting…. Caitlin became a butterfly…

…and Noah a red squirrel…

There was also lots of little food samples…crisps, cake, chocolate, ice-cream….

We had a great time, and yet again it was another very late night by the time we’d stopped off for tea and waited for the train!!  Fortunately they are off tomorrow as well so we’ll have to make tomorrow a nice early night!!!


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