Lyme Park

After our late night yesterday it was another early start to go to Lyme Park and meet some friends.  We all took bikes which meant I got to test out my bike rack with 3 bikes on…it worked brilliantly, although it was really distracting every time I looked in my mirrors and saw big objects right at the rear window.  I kept thinking something was about to crash into us!!

Once we got to Lyme Park the kids all set off on their bikes….

When they cycled through the play area we stopped for a play.  There was a massive muddy patch but before I could get to the kids Caitlin was already in it!

Her right foot is completely covered in mud..half way up her shin, there is a shoe under all that mud!!!  Her left foot seems to have escaped the mud but only because when I got to her she had abandoned her left shoe in the middle of the mud!!!  I couldn’t believe it was Caitlin who got stuck in the mud and not Noah, when I got there and asked Noah how he didn’t end up in it he said he had walked around it!!  Wonders will never cease!  While Caitlin got over her mud bath, Noah was playing on the fireman’s pole which is really high!!

After the playground we put the bikes back in the cars and went for a walk up to The Cage.  I thought it was a folly but it turns out it was built for the ladies to watch the hunting from.

It is only open on 13 weekends of the year and on the way into the park there had been a sign saying it was open.  There were some people near to it on the phone complaining to the park wardens that it wasn’t open.  Apparently the sign was wrong and it wasn’t open.  While we were listening in to figure this out the kids had run off down the hill so we sat about and I took some “unaware” photo’s of them…

Just as they arrived back and we were about to go I spotted a National Trust van arriving so we stayed and managed to get a tour of The Cage.  Inside there were some antlers from the deer in the park which they were allowed to hold and look at so I got them to hold them up for some photos…

I would have loved to get a photo of all 3 of them holding them up, but they were really quite heavy and so they wouldn’t have been able to hold them long enough.

In fact Austin could only hold the very small antlers anyway….

After The Cage we went into the gardens and then had an ice-cream before taking a slightly less muddy Caitlin home!!


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