Caravan banger racing

The day after we got back from holiday we got up quite late and headed straight out to watch the caravan banger racing with some friends.  The weather forecast wasn’t looking good but it turned out to be really good.  We watched the stock cars and banger cars first and saw a few crashes….

…and some spins….

We had a walk through the pits and had a look at the cars.  We also looked for the caravans but could only see 2 which was a bit disappointing.  Once all of the proper races were done they had some banger cars tied together which was quite funny.

Eventually it was the turn of the caravans!  It seemed to take ages for the caravans to be on!  There were 2 caravans being towed by banger cars and 2 other banger cars which were only allowed to crash into the caravans.  It was brilliant, one of the cars drove through the caravan and knocked it off the car that was towing it!!

After the caravans we went for a pub tea as we had no food in!  There was a great play area outside so we stayed for a bit of a play too….

It was gone 9pm by the time we got back….yet another late night!!!


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