Malaga part 2

….so the tooth fairy came and she brought 2 Euros!!  Caitlin was very impressed.  After breakfast we asked what they all wanted to do and it was swimming that won again!  They were loving being in the pool all the time!

They both had their flippers and mask or goggles on constantly and were jumping in and swimming around, racing each other around the pool….

We all tried our best to get Austin to jump in but he wasn’t having any of it and just stood shaking on the side.


After swimming we went back to the room for a siesta, when I looked up from my book I spotted Caitlin and Noah snuggled up with Caitlin reading her book to Noah!!!

It was then time for tea and then the entertainment.  We played bingo again…and didn’t win again!  Austin was funny he kept saying “if you win you get prizes if you don’t you don’t” in his really matter of fact voice!  Noah kept getting really upset that one of us (probably just him really) hadn’t won….so once bingo was over I carried it on until one of our tickets won and he seemed happy at that!

After the bingo there was a parrot show which they absolutely loved (except Noah who had fallen fast asleep!)

After the show we went back to the room to bed.  Austin is a funny soul…he is really set in his ways and had obviously decided that the single bed in the room was his.  Caitlin and Noah think it’s really exciting to swap beds all the time…either having a sleep over in the other ones bed or camping out on the floor in each others rooms, we always ask Austin if he wants to join in and he always very definitely says no!  Tonight Caitlin fancied testing out the single bed, but Austin was refusing to go in the sofa bed with Noah (who was still asleep and now in the sofa bed).  They were both tired and Caitlin thought if she just got into the single bed Austin would give in and move out…both of them were refusing to budge and after a lot of tears they both fell asleep and stayed together all night….



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