London to Brighton 2012

We cheated slightly by not starting in London….but in our defence we have started in London before and unless you are in the first 50 cars it can take 7 hours to get from London to Brighton!!  There are 2000 official minis on the run and they estimate another 1000 (at least) join in unofficially.  That’s a lot of mini’s all going the same way at the same time so we stayed closer to Brighton the night before and beat them in!  It was really funny, from the direction we were coming there weren’t too many mini’s and Noah started a tally chart.  We saw 1 so he marked it off…then 2 together, marked off….then another 1…then another…then 3 together…then another 1…then 6 together…then we joined the A23 and they were everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!  He just burst into tears and gave his tally chart to Richard because he couldn’t keep up!  Richard pretended to keep count and we got into Brighton.  Noah then took over again marking them off as we walked past them and again gave up up once he had filled his A4 piece of paper with lines!!!!!!  Here he is with some minis and his chart!!!!!!!

We stopped off half way down Madeira Drive for a play….

Once we got to the other end of all the minis we stopped off for a pub lunch in the sun with Richards friend….

We then worked our way back along the line of minis, stopping to have a sit on the double-decker bus…..

Before we knew it we had to head home as Noah had school in the morning and it’s a fairly long drive back to Manchester.  Before we went we took a few pics of minis as far as you can see!!!!!!!!!

Noah and Austin loved seeing all the minis and had a great day.

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