Church Parade

Today was the Rainbow’s turn to do the family service at church and as Caitlin was the first there she got to carry the flag…..

The theme was colours and they each had to take something in a particular colour.  Caitlin took a mini and a campervan!!  Completely her own choices which really surprised me, I thought she’d pick a teddy or a doll!!  When she showed her mini the vicar asked her what she had brought and Caitlin said a mini really clearly and pretty loudly.  The vicar didn’t hear her and said it was a truck!!!!!!!!!  Caitlin just looked really confused and the people behind us were commenting on how she’d said mini…so they must have heard her right….but never mind.  They also got to light the candles and then Caitlin carried the flag back.

As usual Noah spent the whole service asking questions and just generally unable to stop speaking!!!!!!!

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