Caitlin’s teacher is a bit of a hippy…she is totally lovely and all the kids adore her.  Once a week she teaches them yoga and this week they did an assembly on yoga.  Caitlin had to say a couple of lines and as usual she looked scared to death.  She said her first line but Mrs L Made her say it again as she was so quiet no-one could hear her.  She’d also made someone else say theirs a bit slower.

They also did lots of poses for us….

It was a bit of an odd assembly with a lot of just looking while they did each stretch and pose, but it was good.  They all love doing yoga and talk about it quite a lot so it was nice to see them doing it as a group!

After the assembly Noah’s class went off to the town hall to sing some nursery rhymes!!!  Their class sang here we go round the mulberry bush.


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