Noah has started doing football after school which he is loving.  He has been pestering to go for ages and since Caitlin does so much we thought he should do some things too.  It does mean we don’t have a single free night which isn’t great, but we’ll just have to squeeze it all in!  If the weather is ok they get to play outside….

Noah is the central yellow dot!!!!!  They get to play actual football games unlike his football on a Saturday where it is a rare occasion that they actually play a match rather than just practising ball control.

Also this week school is taking part in an olympic cycle/scoot to school challenge with the other local schools.  You get a point for each person that scoots or cycles and at the end they will add them all up and see which school had the most participants.  You also get extra points for each family member that scoots too…so Austin has been scooting as well.  He started out not quite being able to manage to get all the way to school but now he can get all of the way there and some of the way back too.  Noah has been cycling but since football finishes quite late I got to test out my Christmas present which is a bike rack for Elvis…..

I love carrying the bikes on the back I think it makes Elvis look so funny!!!!!!  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get all 3 on the back…we’ll have to try during the holidays!!

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